Which part of the suburbs to buy? I started a new suburb of Chevy a few months ago. I thought it was soft, smooth and big. The V8 sounded great to me. When I moved to the other side of the spectrum, I was on the edge of a diesel-powered city for a few days and here are my thoughts.

Details first. The clean six-liter canvas design with six beds is offered on all suburban models except the Z71. It is estimated to have 2,277 horsepower and a healthy rotation of 60 kilograms. It consists of a three-liter filter, because it is more resistant to heat and expands less with the help of an iron engine block lined with iron cylinders, forged metal scraps and connecting rods and a silicon / aluminum alloy piston.

The suburbs are 1 inch long, but with several independent suspension packages, the second and third rows support approximately 2 inches of footprint and 2 cubic feet of luggage. It also has a new Chevy nose like Silverrad that I haven’t sold yet. But I can report a few things.

First from the mouth works. “It’s like a playroom with a screen, but it’s good because it’s a car.”

This is the first trip my kids have made in my back seat. I think parents have to wait a long time to open Pandora’s box. But I changed the navigation screen and they liked it. We filled our backs at night and played Nintendo Switch. It was fun and I admit it was the wrong stop because of the wrong camping. “TRUE! Play in the car!”

The category is truly amazing. I walked 10 km to the hut, about a kilometer, and only half of the tank was on fire. I only took pictures with the eighth tank, which is about 110 miles away. Used we see a distance of 88080 miles. It might not be much, but Chevy talks about crossing 722 miles.

The suburbs of Diesel run outside and look amazing from above. My wife and I stared into the empty space, and as the trail narrowed, I rolled hundreds of feet across the muddy grass. The jeep couldn’t cry at all. It was like a muddy, dirty macadam road – ignore everything in your street. Toi Fore is estimated at around Rs.

Which suburbs should you go to? The base models are the V8 with 35,355 hp; Upgraded models get a 2.2-liter V8 with 2020 hp after diesel. I like smooth waves of sensitivity and torque from diesel fuel, but it doesn’t look any better than .2.2. It looks like a V8 and feels like a hot rod. Most people shop in the suburbs, however, not because of Invan. The serious thing is that you can make a living from this. In this case, I get the cheapest version of 4VD that I can find, and the LS units are around 56,000 US dollars.

You. The 0-liter diesel-powered Chevi suburb will go on sale in 2021. The price of the basic equipment is 5 5.5 5 5900. All-wheel drive costs $ 90. Good