Nissan sold the new Nissan Kashkai at auction before its full launch in the spring of 2021.

Rationality in the form of new platforms (CMF-C), the latest driver safety systems and hybrid engines are key predictions. But after Zoom spoke with Mark Fioranti, vice president of product design for Nissan Europe, he said Nissan does not rule out popular versions.

Prices and equipment have not been announced yet, but we can confirm that diesel engines will not be available.

Hybrid, not diesel

Currently, Nissan does not control diesel engines, nor does almost every manufacturer. Instead, customers, tenants and PCPs You can choose between a lightweight 1.3-liter hybrid and an extended hybrid range called e-Power.

Speaking about engine options, Fiorentai told CAR: “When we consider the possibilities that new engines can offer, our customers will be satisfied with this offer.”

The 1.3-liter engine has two power outputs: front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and an automatic or manual CVT transmission.

During the anal position, he noticed that the car had a CVT, while the current Kashkai used a gearbox.

Peter Brown, Nissan’s assistant director of car appraisal, told us that it’s because gearboxes are always better and less flexible. He added: “We studied customer feedback and neither CVT nor DCT were complete. This new CVT will be the best in both worlds – it offers a comfortable, sleek, smooth drive at low speeds, but with a lot of noise. At high speed.

“Depending on the speed and volume requirements of the CVT, it has different speeds, not just the usual seven or eight.”

Another fun way to drive is the Nissan e-power system. Nissan has not yet developed the details, but says it will produce 188 hp. It will only be available with front-wheel drive.

The Nissan e-power system is essentially a long-range hybrid, meaning it allows you to drive electric vehicles in fear of impact. The switches are powered by an electric motor, and the gasoline engine simply charges the battery.

Improved technology

Most of Kushkia’s technological updates are designed to provide safety and comfort. The Nissan Propelite semi-autonomous system works best.

Improvements include: deceleration / restart at 0 mph and restart, smooth steering system, automatic adjustment of speed limits and interference if the driver dies.

There’s also a new intelligent headlight system that can block small parts of LED headlights to prevent flickering incoming traffic.

Is it suitable for children?

The new architect makes the car 32 millimeters longer and 35 millimeters wider than the current Cascai. That means more passenger space and more. Compared to the current model, the strain can accommodate about 50 liters.

Interestingly, proportional changes are not just for convenience. Bra .N tells us that the changes were due to the fact that the car looks shorter and wider, which makes it better.

Do you have any ideas about the outdoors?

Compared to Nissan owners, it’s a little sportier. We can’t really see that in these photos.

The face differs from the current model due to different lighting. But the rear and side profiles are very similar.

Did you mention the current version?

We. Fioranti was still embarrassed, but he said: “This is our main model in Europe and we are still not closing the door. I’ll surprise you. “