Nissan mocked the new Cascai before the spring of 2021.

With the new platform (CMFA-C), the latest safety systems for drivers and hybrid engines are a big advertisement – the company says it wants to make money from customers who want a less friendly car. With the environment.

According to Nissan Europe CEO Nissan Europe, “the tax burden in Europe is declining. We expect sales of 25% due to population decline. These people still use only a small part of their work.

After a series of talks with Nissan Europe vice president of product planning Mark Fioravan, Nissan said it would not include fresh versions of Nissan, although it would support oil for breeding.

Prices and equipment levels have not yet been announced, but we can confirm that Nissan will make car prices “competitive during the session.”

Hybrids have no oil

Nissan is now following in the footsteps of any other diesel engine manufacturer. Instead, customers, tenants and PCPs can choose between a lighter 1.3-liter hybrid and a hybrid e-power extension.

Fioravantai told CAR: “Given the potential of the new power plants, our customers are very satisfied with the offer.”

The 1.3-liter system has two power generators: front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and an automatic or manual CV transmission.

A two-wheeler with 13 wheels
Two-wheeled car with 15 wheels
Dual-drive CVT (automatic) with 155 horsepower
All-wheel drive Civic (automatic) with 155 horsepower
2021 Leader flexible grille Nissan Kashakai

When he holds the record, he notices that the car is a CVT – when you use Kashmir DC.

Peter Brown, Nissan’s deputy director for passenger vehicle appraisal, tells us it’s because CVs are improving and changing. He said: “We looked at customer feedback, CV or DC were not perfect. This new CVT will be the best in both worlds – it offers a light pace at low speeds, but enough repentance at high speeds.

With CVT, there are different speeds, depending not only on seven or eight parameters, but also on the speed and size of demand.

The most exciting way to drive is Nissan’s e-power system. Nissan is still hesitant about all the details, but the stated production capacity is estimated at 188 hp. Available only with front-wheel drive.

Nissan’s electronic power system is basically a combination of regional extensions, meaning it provides state-of-the-art power management. The points are powered by an electric motor, and the gasoline engine easily charges the battery.

Modern technology

Most technology updates in Kashmir are about safety and comfort. The most suitable of these is Nissan’s semi-autonomous propulsion system.

Improvements include: Delay of up to 0 km per hour to stop and resume after restarting, smooth wheel system, automatic adjustment of speed limits and interference if the driver wants to hit something in a blind spot.

There’s also a new intelligent lighting system that can turn off small LED lights to prevent incoming traffic.

The professor, who has a sales forecast of about 50%, is in a special N Conne car – a serious injury to Nissan. Even vehicles with basic specifications get smart ship controls.

Suitable for children?

The new building means that the car is 32 mm bigger and 35 mm wider than the current one. That means more space and more space for passengers. Compared to the current model, the luggage space holds another 50 liters.

It is interesting that balanced changes are not just for convenience. Brown changes also make the car look smaller and wider.

Nissan provides a trunk system that allows drivers to change luggage and place luggage under the trunk.

“Its function and use are similar to our Japanese roots,” he said.

Is there an intrusion from the outside?

It’s a little sportier than Nissan bosses. Not exactly from the photos.

Thanks to the different lights, the face differs from the current model. Like Nissan’s latest thriller (X-Trail in Europe), we seem to be moving in the same direction with special designer lights.

But the rear and side profiles look a lot like the model at the exit.

Didn’t you mention the hot version?

we are. Fioravant was still embarrassed, but he explained: “This is our most important model in Europe and we will not close the door for now. “The life cycle (car) is full of long and amazing things – we will surely surprise you in the future.”