There is nothing like walking the capital from London’s famous Car Car, but with thousands of beautifully decorated interiors that can withstand the darkness of thousands of lucky markers, this is not a good experience.

Enter the Sutton Bespoke, the tunnel brand owned by Cleo Sutton, a luxury car dealer who takes the form of a taxi and turns it into a fast city car.

LEVC TKS – check-out taxi in London

I think it’s a taxi
It is designed to be under the radar and not a transmitting vehicle. VIP taxis are operated regularly by all new passengers in London, the LEVC TKS. This black and white wheat car has been on the streets of London and other cities since 2017. The latest plug-in hybrid engine from Stone Age replaces the old TKS4 Nollywood engine.

Clive Sutton LEVC TKS – interior

Sharing this technology with Volvo (both owned by Galleys) means that the world of the LEVC TKS is no longer as comfortable and sophisticated as it once was, but retains a unique, classic style that makes the black cab an icon. Late shared chat room

To this end, little work has been done on the exterior panel as well as the straight windshield, which retains the classic chrome and condensate coatings.

In this respect, this feature does not lack at all its attractive features – a good package will complete it with a base of two heads, white with black but silver on top.

The taxi number was also changed to “VIP”. God

So what has changed?
The big change is inside, a good cow puts some cows in a hardwood and eight chairs in electric bark. Hard rubber floors have been replaced with flat rugs and a new design for a more comfortable rear seat.

The rear passengers are now handmade with excellent lighting as well as a handmade wooden door cabinet.

The driver box now has a suitcase in the usual cab (where Louis Vuitton goes – there is a mystery – the LEVC TKS has a bad truck) and another set that replaces the front and rear. You prefer not to turn on the driver in the mirror.

There are TV coolers with Edge TV and PS4 to entertain travelers on long journeys.

I was sold. When did the local taxi driver get it?
Probably not too far away. The LEVC TKS model already started on the wrong side of 55-55,000, but Citibank’s changes with VTE increased it by more than 120,000.

However, the next time you see a taxi on the street, make sure the board says “VIP” and not “taxi” – maybe this is a good day.