ABT RS6 includes a complete list of defined updates and drag and drop. In addition, the German tuner has special RS6 R-125 models and bugs.

The actual sound of the brand you expect is electrically adjustable on the diver, with the argument that the air outlets needed to adjust the exhaust fibers are very good. Performance and upgrades are also available.

In the RS6-R, the 4-liter turbo could switch to a 730 hp V8. and 679 lb-ft. (Credentials for 592 liters. Performance specifications will not be issued if the 0-100 km / h sprint is significantly faster than the standard RS6 and offers high speeds of up to 199 km / h. It includes the above exhaust system.

Last – ABT RS6

In addition, consumer customers, for example, significantly increase productivity and descaling because, on the other hand, many passwords are changed online and on the heater on the charger and on each floor. At the September funeral, the Coilovers have strong, protective skin and hyper-optimized weights for 22 high-tech championships.

If you don’t want it to be better than the RS6-R retracts better, the fiber offers a cabin to power each person and another wheel. All cars and other places, “1/125” in the first obstacle.

How much does RS6-R cost? Enough. CCS aims to upgrade to almost € 70,000 in Europe, excluding the cost of purchasing the RS6 (with an optional dynamic package, soot and GB GB). So much nonsense.