Dacia has confirmed price details and specifications for the latest Sandero and Stepway models. The good news for fans of the Roman brand is that the cheapest version of Access with 7,995 is the cheapest new car in the UK.

The conventional Sandero, which has been in the UK since 2013, has been recognized as the cheapest new car in the UK. Since 2017, it is the best-selling model in Europe. Stairs are a wide opening variant with raised hinges and a strong design, although with a few additional options.

What’s new

The latest model is the second generation in the UK and the third in total. It will continue on the latest version of the CMF-B architecture of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which is the only one that supports the great new Renault Clio and Captur, Micra and Juke.

Visual improvements in the region are significant. Daytime running lights are located on the curved grilles of the Dacia body, while exterior features such as door handles have been updated on newer units. LED lights are now standard.

As before, the Stepway model differs from the standard grinder with a special grill and coating. A new “step” has been installed in the network. Interestingly, Stepway has “modular” roof racks that can be rotated to create a roof rack without the need for additional resources.

Please engine specifications

By using the CMF-B platform, Dacia has greater access to the alliance’s cleanest engines. All are 1.0-liter with a three-cylinder lining; ‘SCe 65’ with 64 hp natural exhaust, equipped with a five-speed manual engine, ‘TCe 90’ ​​with 89 hp turbocharger or six-speed manual or automatic CVT, and the ‘TCe 100’ model with turbocharger uses petrol and LPG under motom Dacia BiFuel.

“We may be a hybrid, but we are targeting LPG,” said program director Marc Suss. “LPG” makes more sense and here you have a good job for our customers. If you make a calculation, it will be very favorable for the buyer per kilometer. similar to oil before. “”

How does Dacia make it so cheap?

We don’t have a price yet, but we are still convinced that Sandero will be a good deal. The main difference is the use of this alliance platform. Using the CMF-B increases economies of scale, but Suss would suggest that Dacia do it differently. “We’re using this newer platform now, but that doesn’t mean we’re using the same components as the Clio or Captur, for example. The same principle applies to the VIA Group’s EIA platform: it is a set of tools. “”

There are several variants that help lower the price of Sander. “The integration of small and medium-sized enterprises in Clio is much greater than we intend,” says Suess. Marketing Director Ionut Gheorghe will also discuss other cost savings. “At the same time, we design our cars at a price. The way we sell cars allows us to be very efficient in terms of selling costs and of course the way we produce cars in countries that are competitive in labor costs. “”

To keep up with the competition, Dacia has developed the technology and seen the quality inside.

How has Dacia improved the interior?

“The first thing that will impress you with the new Sandra is the very modern design,” Georghe said. “We are now in the market when it comes to visual quality.”

For example, the new Dacia Superman now has two options for displaying infotainment and entertainment. It has a cheaper holder for your smartphone, similar to VV Groups Up / Citigo / Mii devices, while the specifications are medium and high with an 8-inch touch screen. Go to the upper room and then you can add the address.

More advanced safety equipment will be available, including blind spot inspection, hill prevention and more sophisticated emergency braking assistance. Technologies such as reversing cameras and parking sensors (like the previous generation) will also be available, and luxury parts such as electric sunlight and heaters will also be available.

When and how much

The new Sandero and Stepway follow the cheap prices of their predecessors. You can book a car in advance for Parap 99 and get a free service that usually costs £ 9,399. The range starts at 7,995, making it the cheapest car in the UK.

The entry-level model for beginners is equipped with LED lights, front windows and a phone holder. The mid-size Essential model (.8.995) has air conditioning, cruise control and central external locking, while the main convenience (11,995 windows) has electric rear windows and an 8.0-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system.

The Sandero Stepway Jeep was updated and launched at the same time from 10,995.