How could Division N switch from the first homosexuals to its bombers? For less is the new i20N.

Take the already magnificent super small symbol, add a small power card on the outside and give it lenses that really match the epic Ford Fiesta ST and have a giant super mini in hand …

You’re right, it looks like cancer …
O yes. In addition to the traditional blue N color (other colors are of course available) and the red edges on the aggressive front and rear bumpers, the flagpoles and rear spoiler are also blocked on the radiator grille.

Inside, Hyundai has made minor changes to the interior of the i20. Key features include several on / off buttons on the steering wheel, N-specific graphics, menus and data in the infotainment system and sporty upholstered seats.

Come on, go to the details of the program …
The Koreans are convinced that the recipe has crept under their skin. Hyundai says that Chinese drivers have real DNA connections with their new supermini. Both gradually weigh 1190 kg, and the car’s motorcycle allows for all-wheel drive weight; In particular, the i20N is approximately 70 kg lighter than the Fiesta ST.

Ahead of the European i20N is the new European generation 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with a pre-charged engine. 201 hp and 203 lbs. -ft. are equipped with an improved six-speed manual transmission on the front wheels. The I20N has front controls and speed settings ready for use. You can also set a limited slip differential for the original mixture.

Like its big brother, there are many driving styles, including the Custom N, where you can adjust the steering wheel weight, ECU, traction and exhaust control with your thumb on the steering wheel. It features a stripped exhaust system with variable valve timing (and unsatisfactory volume boost), Pirelli P Zero tires and left foot calibration for the middle foot.

I would like? You can get it in the first month of 2021.