Mercedes continues efforts to turn the Maibach into a smartphone, and the latest is the Mercedes-Maibach S-Class.

This new model is 18 cm taller than the S-Class with longer wheels, and Mercedes claims to offer all the benefits of the rear end. On request, Mayach details include a front grille and a center helmet and pillar. There are also two color options available (which requires a Mercedes per week) and a Kobobobo reversal wheel.

Rear seat Maibach S-Class

While this is a standard S-Class option, the Maibach S comes with an executive package that converts three seats into two seats with a table and entertainment screen in the back, and a Chauffeur package that allows for passenger seats. The front face can stand. With many rooms it is 90 degrees. Other options include electronic physical class controls such as rear car controls, digital lights and more.

Mercedes will launch the Maibach S-Class, which first arrived in the US market in late 2020. and China will receive the first shipment in April 2021, and in Europe it will be ready for the summer of that year.

For more information on S-Class standards, read on.

The S-Class looks very new …
Absolutely – not in your face or even very different from the previous generation S-Class. But that’s not the point, because Mercedes doesn’t need it. About 70 percent of consumers in the United States buy another European Mercedes, more than 80 percent. In the last generation, Merz sold a third in China, and about 90% of consumers worldwide choose this type of wheelchair.

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class V223 2020 Silver Side View Studio

The front mirror and soft ring are visible from the front, and the drawer below will take advantage of a good look if you choose the AMG line. On the back and back are spirals and lines down, and narrow back aspects that reflect light in the shape of SS.

The latest detail is the door handle when you are close, and Mercedes states that it helps with a low balance of only 0.22 cd.

What machines and generations are there?

It will have two diesel engines and two diesel engines starting from the last Merc line with six live engines. The passenger is also quite compact, 48 watts, which raises its weight to a maximum speed of 155 km / h. Find the key features below:

S350d (optional all-wheel drive): 282 horsepower 443 lbs 6.2 seconds 0-62 mph
S400d 4Matic: 325 horsepower, 516 liters, 5.4 seconds 0-62 mph
S450 4Matic: 362 hura, 553 liters, 5.1 s. M. 0.62 m / h
S500 4Matic: 429 horsepower, 568 liters, 4.9 cubic meters 0-62 m / h
The S580 V8 is coming soon, according to the SUS, which is 62 miles wide. For a time, expecting a joint Maibuck model and AGG model, insiders suggested that it would run more than 800 horsepower and run in 63 seconds from 0 to 62 mph with the brand name. S63e.

Is there a strategy?

Suffice it to say that the S-Class works at normal intervals, which makes it brittle and noisy and automatically reduces air attraction.

Still pushing control of the body’s electronic advertising system and systemic tricks to enable the S-Class, a new side can be relied on while traveling, such as the Audi S8, which seems active and predictable. The technology also increases the travel length to 8 cm when the sensor detects the effect, so that the edge can carry the weight of the ship’s door, and not the door itself. The technology consists of a 48-watt suspension that appears on the GLE SUV (though not on European models).

Mercedes-Benz S-Class V223 2020 New, black look

The rear wheel can also be used in two phases, with a stronger series that allows the rear wheel to rotate up to 10 degrees. Mercedes said that when equipped with this system, it can ensure that the S-Class has an A-Class circuit.

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About the interior …
Definitely the most important part of a luxury car and there is a lot to say here.

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class V223 2020, interior, width, front, brown

First, the design and appearance are similar to the VisionField concept – the panel comes with a touch of a vertical screen that covers your view. A new air filter system has been installed which can be a perfume to fill air holes and automatically adjust the flow when you cross the tunnel.