Aston Martin recently completed production of its first production specification DB5 Goldfinger, one of 25 models in production.

This £ 2.75 million pop game was created to the specifications of James Bond, an associated James Bond, with executive equipment inside and out.

The first task, on behalf of the first car, was performed by Aston Martin Works, a classic Haydon division in the brand’s original house in Newport, Pagnell.

Main classic: Aston Martin DB5

“The main challenge was to create tools in the world of cinema and turn them into consumer products,” said Chris Corbould of OBE, a brilliant Bond special effects worker. Basically, these are cars that will be more sophisticated than those used in the film, because they have to cover all the devices – cinema cars have several devices on one chassis.

DB5 Goldfinger is not available

“In the world of cinema, we are allowed to” cheat “various aspects under controlled conditions. For example, we could have four different cars for four different devices, ”he said. “Obviously, we don’t have that luxury with this DB5, because all devices have to be in the same car all the time.

Here is the complete list of tools:


Rear screen transport system
Rear oil stain modeling system
Front and rear turntables (triple panels)
Imitation of a two-barrel front machine gun
Bullet in the back of the ball joint
Front and rear blades of the shovel
Simulated tire separator
Removable roof panel, front passenger seat (optional)

Simulated tracking map with radar screen
Phone at the driver’s door
Scroll button
Folding devices installed on the armrest and center console.
Compartment / compartment hidden under the chair
Remote control to activate the device
Aston contacted Oscar winner Chris Corbould, who oversaw the special effects of Bond movies, to help install the device, and was approved by EON Production.

What will get 25 customers is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive Aston cars, made of silver birch such as the 007 and equipped with 4 six-speed engines that produce 282 hp. and 280 lb-ft. Accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds. Carefully? As with the DB4 GT project, the Goldfinger DB5 release is void.

How many? Yours for 2.75 million. Kile – All these K Branch devices are not cheap. The first will be presented in 2020.Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, CAR was asked to produce a prototype Aston DB5 Goldfinger with excellent performance. The assembly model is designed to test the “bells and whistles” of the car and really works until the restoration and construction of 25 bathrooms.

Like the original, the Goldfinger edition is designed specifically for travel; The large wooden frame with thin frames and levers the size of a TicTac ensures smooth operation, despite extremely difficult driving and changing gears.

In any case, this is not a requirement, especially since inheritance in many things naturally requires the respect of those who will have the opportunity to take care of it. But the purpose of the DB5 tournament is clear from the moment the right wing of the bass lights up and stops spinning. Accepting your wishes, you can relax, just like the DB5 itself – the engine stretches despite such a gentle sound response, and movement while driving requires muscles, but this always balances the load. You can simply sit on a padded chair, admire the stretched out mask and pretend to go to Casino Royale.

DB5 Goldfinger leads Jake

The devices are controlled by a rigid box with switches and a key – all K branches. from the 1960s. The front “cannons” bounce and glow orange when you record, and the speaker emits synchronized sound. The “oil slick” solution is a water-based solution that looks like a multicolored glow when the oil is actually in transit, and the smoke machine is actually pumping a large amount of shield. And no, before you ask, the eject slot doesn’t work.

The fact that Aston is still breastfeeding James Bond and £ 2.75 million for a game that can’t be driven on public roads is really crazy, remarkable for very rich players, but you won’t be. to deny. It would be interesting to have a sequel to Goldfinger.