Complicated things, car names, especially now, and especially Audi. To make things simpler – this E-Tron K4 Sportback is a K4 E-Tron coupe version – which includes a pair of electric cars under the E-Tron and the largest E-Tron Sportback on offer.

A simple way to explain things is the argument that it would be logical for the K4 to be a K3 coupe version (similar to the K7 / K8) and for the Sportback to be a five-door coupe and larger again. An existing five-door car.

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Don’t worry, the main thing is that this is a sports version of the K4 E-Tron, Audi’s cheapest electric car, and you can quickly buy what you originally saw.

It looks familiar
Outside, you can see many things from the K4 E-Tron SUV concept presented in Geneva in 2019: a closed grille, large 22-inch wheels and a full-width rear light. The latter should replace more expensive Audi models such as the A8, but also the larger Jeep E-Tron.

There are digital arrays of lights on the front, adjustable daytime running lights, so you can choose the type of light that other drivers see in their mirrors – although it is not known whether the “soft-on” model is chosen. ”

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From the side, you can see the effect of extravagant technology that takes up a lot of space on the windshield, which we will talk about later. This meant that the pillar had to be moved forward so that the bonnet cover line extended over the front wing to avoid the silhouette of a car that looked like a minivan.

Finally, at the request of the Ministry of Aviation, an agricultural spoiler was installed in the warehouse, which changes the design team and allows the Sportback to look beyond its SUV partner. Expect the production car (scheduled for 2021) to look wider and shorter with smaller wheels of 21 inches, but that’s 90% the same.

What drives the K4 Sportback e-tron?
It uses an SUV-like powertrain – that is, an electric motor on each axle or a car with two-wheel drive at the rear. Regardless of the silhouette, the speed drops from 0-100 km / h in 6.3 seconds and reaches 111.8 mph in the fastest version of the Quattro.

Like the SUV, the K4 Sportback is also based on the MEB platform of the electric car (which shares it with the upcoming VV ID3, ID4 and Škoda Eniac), which means that the battery is installed at 82 kV on the floor.

Audi K4 e-tron

It offers a range of 311 or 280 miles with a sliding profile (whether you want a 2VD or a Quattro) – the Sportback has a drag coefficient of 0.26, which is 0.01 better than an SUV if interested. – And with a 125 kV charger you can lower it to 80% in 30 minutes.

Both cars have just 300 horsepower and 339 lb-ft of torque, which means that if impressed properly, the K4’s rear-wheel drive has 200 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of fun. There is still a lot of work to be done.

Is there good technology inside?
As we managed to publish in the previous title, this is an inverted augmented reality screen – basically a very smart projector that provides all kinds of useful information, such as satellite navigation guides.

Interestingly, this system takes up too much space on the windshield, and adding it to the car also helped with the exterior design: the bar was moved forward and the hood line had to fit into the front fender.

As you’d expect, Audi’s latest virtual digital display behind the steering wheel has touch controls on the steering wheel wedges and a 12.3-inch touchscreen in the center of the control panel.

There have been many changes to the storage space, commonly known as the portable tunnel, where wireless charging for phones and some high-end cup holders are used to avoid the typical container configuration.

At the rear, the Audi has plenty of legroom comparable to a car and has other improvements in size as well as the volume typically found in a larger SUV. Truly typical of electric cars.

Management assessment
The SUV and Boker K4 E-Tron are expected to arrive in mid-2021 – Audi says these measures have been published for some time to help you decide which version you need. Courage.

In a way, this is underlined