How to improve the fast food market rate of one percent? Audi makes you feel like one of the most beautiful race cars ever made. Take a closer look at the RS6 GTO concept, the encounter between the Ingolstadt 90 Quattro GTO IMSA race cars that are the most practical and reliable – but take a quick look.

The project is the work of 12 trainers at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm and showcases 40 years of Audi car driving technology. Among the colors of the Audi Sport, most of the RS6 has been replaced by a three-dimensional printed case and redesigned on the new white wheels of the RS6 – again thanks to the Audi 90, starring Hans Joachim Stack by Walter Rorel, has been attacked by legends.

Performance in the RS6 GTO is lower than its model; The last seats were split and the basket was replaced, but the first seats were replaced with other seats.

“The quality of our RS6 GTO trainers is a big advantage. I am proud of our students from Neckarsulm and the results of their work.” project.

Timo Engler, project manager, said: “It’s important for students to create a Quattro story with a way and a place to relax.” “The beginning of the 1980s was a turning point in the history of Udi sports.