Our spy photographers posted new photos of the BMW i4, but this time it looks a bit hot. These vivid images feature a BMW i4 with BMW M mirrors, blue caliber brakes and wider rear rails. Munich has confirmed that their M department is working on a hot version of the i4 EV, and it seems that these photos show the first fruits of this work. Suppose the i4 goes the same way as the Porsche Taican. There should be a slightly faster version of Turbo S or Turbo with cheaper options.

BMW i4: everything you need to know

This starts the electric pressure from the BMW Concept i4 Gran Coupe. A new concept was presented on the Internet – instead of the canceled show in Geneva – as a sign of further production of the i4, which is scheduled for 2021. For Munich, it was an extremely important car; I3 EV – the first real overload and automatic start – I mean iKs3 on iKs5.

Can you give us some specifications?

It’s just a concept, but the specifications probably reflect what we see in the production model. With this in mind, BMW claims that the Concept i4 has a range of 373 miles (VLTP), 523 horsepower and a top speed of 124 km / h. Acceleration is just as difficult as one would expect from a Gran Coupe: mileage from 0 to 62 km / h takes about 4.0 seconds. Competitive and almost identical Beemer V8.

Does it look like concept 4?

Whoever notices the latest models in Munich will notice some similarities with the relatively poorly accepted concept 4 – and this is no accident. Here are designer colors that are exclusive to the BMW BEV, but usually look normal for i4 customers.

And what about knives of a specific design?
First are the blue pieces. By 2020, Munich – and frankly other carmakers – will continue to use blue lightning to celebrate performance. The Concept i4 has bruises on the steps and other parts of the car, but there are other noticeable changes.

As with most electric vehicles, the focus is on aerodynamic efficiency. This means that the network is still present, but blocked and filled with sensors instead of leaking. BMW calls it a “special service” and is very similar to the Polestar Precept concept introduced earlier this year.

And inside?

The I4 concept is very conceptual, but a few key features will definitely go into production. The curved screen has already confirmed the release of i4 and iKs5, and iDrive has also resisted growth.

When can I buy it?

The I4 standard will be removed from BMW’s main car in 2021. An additional car – especially at the rear of the car – will require an investment of 200 million euros. BMW really hopes to sell …