An exciting fog hung over Emoor as we opened the front door and opened a two-day British car-free race.

The climate, the cold air passing through your feet and the lack of hot tea sellers can be enjoyed freely, but that is different. You know, it’s not just stormy roads that are unpleasant, we drive them in a quarter of a car to show that you don’t need a bank account called Bezos to get valuable dollar information.

In this regard, you can see that we have set up a complete list this year. Well, it’s like digging a little deeper and discovering that every tenth has meaning to grow in different ways. It is important that they have the same good shape. All prices are below $ 40,000, and a great PCP contract would mean you don’t have to pay more than $ 200 a month for the opportunity to park one of your competitors on the trip.

The first is the Volkswagen Golf GTI, a 55-year-old legend who created a pocket bag and who is now in his eighth generation. Two experts have returned, but they are competing – Ford Fiesta ST and Honda Civic Type R. One is captured by good adjustment equipment, and the other is added with the addition of rubber and star tires, without meat. . was. Our quarter rotates Toyota GR Yaris, the size of a car, all-wheel drive and a sharp VRC with DNA that can drive worms by testing a team with a Subaru Impreza Turbo and a Ford Escort RS Cosworth in the top ten. 1990.

Where to start? The Fiesta is very affordable here, especially in the official model, which Mountune modified thanks to the 1.5-liter turbocharger, as well as adjustable brakes and other adjustable settings, but not because of the Essex suspension option. And it must be, because you always hear that the powerful chassis of the Fiesta ST can solve some complaints, and that’s what you have here. The 890-pound engine upgrade yields 232 horsepower and a 258-pound engine.

These are the types of engines that are starting to be controlled (at home, and which is more stable at low speeds). The two bases are deep and fast, but the medium burst is the one you like the most. Ford repeats around 2000 rpm with flexible muscle, so it’s easy to energetically keep the ST behind its rivals.

He is pleased with the way Ford is doing its job. Take the clay as if it were an empty climb and lift the rear wheel as the load grows in the corners. Fun and exciting from start to finish. And multi-wheel drivers can adjust speed. With the Fiesta, you can adjust or enlarge the line to your liking, even if the customer is careful, because ESP gives you a higher profile than your imagination, even if you feel better.

Of course, the ride doesn’t stop at high speeds, and some Ekmoor tested jerseys, jerseys and non-slip jerseys, without braking. development of normal stopping. However, the first Fiesta package is still solid. “I really like it,” says editor-in-chief Matt Prior. “It’s an exciting factory. And it’s definitely very possible.”

If the party is young, the main golfer stays in the room when the story begins. Therefore, it is possible that the legacy is too heavy on the shoulders of VV, because it seems that many arrived at the end of this century, seemingly experiencing difficulties from the past. First of all, the GTI card is amazing, but it is worth giving away and repairing. Powerful turbo engine? Watch. Suspension and dry prevention? Watch. Red line on the net? Watch. Has the high seat been inspected? Hmm, take care. But something has changed.