It was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 as a prototype. The Seat el-Born version of the series features the Cupra logo, which enhances the Spanish sports brand. We tested the car earlier this year (below), and as you can probably see in these photos, it’s actually a Volkswagen ID.3 with a slightly different chamomile.

Why don’t you sit down?
SEAT has confirmed that el-Born will be sold exclusively to Cuprani, as “it is the best decision for our shareholders,” says Carsten Isensee, current CEO and CFO of SEAT. A SEAT spokesman added: “Never say never, but we are currently focusing on the Cupra version.”

Seat has confirmed that VVG will be produced together with VV ID.3 at the factory in Zwickau in East Germany. Which could explain why if you close your eyes long enough to really look like ID.3 – only the headlights give this series a new look of Cupra. We think that the designers from Cupri did enough for the department, as Golf and Leon did.

Wondering where that name came from? It literally comes from the small modern district of the same name in Barcelona, ​​not far from the overly touristy Gothic tourist area. There is a resemblance somewhere.

What’s under the skin?

The Cupra el-Born sits on the VVG MEB platform and has a 77 kWh battery that provides a distance between the rear wheels of up to 500 miles. Thanks to the fast charging option, Cupra el-Born has to cover 160 kilometers in 30 minutes.

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The only performance data seen on the Cupra is 0.9 km / h in 2.9 seconds. If El-Born is comparable to the ID.3 (be) model, it offers the comparable performance of a hot valve you would expect from an electric car with a nameplate. Like the Cupre Formentor, which will be introduced later in 2020, the Cupra el-Born will also have a new entertainment screen hovering in the cool interior.

Vaine Griffiths, SEAT Sales and Marketing Director and Cupras CEO, added: “We have taken the original concept to a new level with a sporty and dynamic new design and directed technical content. El-Born is living proof of excellence in electricity and electricity. ”

It will be available in 2021, and more information about it will be read in the coming weeks.