It was inevitable, but Ferrari confirmed the following: The real hypercar SF90 is now Spider.

The new Ferrari car with Ferrari headlights brought a number of new features, not only the first hybrid car, but also new ways of producing the chassis.

What color is the spider?

The roof has a robust roof, because Ferrari believes that it is suitable for noise and weather conditions and can be opened or closed in 14 seconds. or the wind blew away the roof.

Ferrari has refined the body characteristics to make sure that the SF90 Spider is, as always, a good aircraft with an upper or lower part. Two turns are placed in the rear tire behind the seat and in the living room next to the rear window, an air-conditioned chimney. The brake cooling line has been completely redesigned. The spider is 100 kg larger than Stradale (1670 kg to 1570 kg in Stradale).

Did you say PHEV? Give me a show!

I did. But it’s still a Ferrari. According to CEO Michael Leiters, the V8-liter V8 on the F8 Tributo was also updated with the launch of the SF90 Stradale. “We had to go through a very successful V8” and it turned out that the Ferrari V8 is the best engine in the world this year. goes up to 8000 rpm.

It is then connected to a 7.9 kV battery with three electric motors, one for the front wheels and the other for the internal combustion engine and gearbox. This means that the SF90 can travel 160 kilometers on electricity alone. The electric remote control has 217 hp.

Proto 986 hp. This means that the new Ferrari can reach 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds (like a coupe and a spider). That makes it the fastest Ferrari ever made, and up to 200 km / h it can start in just 6.7 seconds with a coupe and 7.0 seconds with a spider. High speeds of 211 mph were recorded, again on Stradale and Spider.

According to Ferrari, the SF90 can skip Fioran’s path in 1:19 minutes, while the spider slowly turns in the second half.

According to Leiter, the “multilateral approach” to the use of hybrid hybrids exceeds the limits and increases the weight of the vehicle. It is a frame, as was the case with Ferrari, but it uses aluminum and carbon fiber. Only the new two-speed car has been redesigned.

An electric generator (also known as a Ferrari RAC) and electric motors are some of the accessories built into the SF90. Wired technology also includes physical brakes and power steering.

It is a beautiful sight

When Stradale was discovered, Ferrari’s main manufacturer, Flavio Manzoni, made that clear. Before we see the car with the iron, it stretches forward, backward and has a photo. The SF90 is 8mm long, 20mm shorter and 70mm longer than the LaFerrari.

The 488 has been modified with hybrid elements from the F8 Tributo, as well as the J50 Roadster and SP38. After careful play, we realized that there is very little laundry in the engine and cabinet like the one on the F40. You can also see the electrical cables under the ribs around the window.

Ferrari introduced the victim’s “lock”. It is a hanging shield, which is divided into two parts, one fixed and the other movable. The moving part is designed for smooth movement, the high position makes it a little more flexible, and the lower parts rot it like a rolled tail during movement. at long angles.

Tell us the content …

Although the late Sergio Marchionne was the CEO, Ferrari knew that the interior was not really known for its ease of use. Leiter owners are called upon to do so when they find a car; “We know that sometimes it can be difficult to drive cars.” For the SF90, the team believes it has been broken by the new CHF (human mechanical form).

New controls and a user interface launch a new proven supercar. The bike is clearly connected and Leiters says that “about 80% of traffic accidents” can be controlled. The Manettina steering wheel is still analog (random), but the start button in the middle of the steering wheel has been replaced by some touch sensors.