The IF-150 Tremor, a softer version of the Ford Raptor, will go on sale in the middle of next year. Something else will happen in the automotive world:

Last week, I wrote about the FAST Act of 2015 or the American Surface Transportation Repair Act. Among the billions of regulations, the law states that in addition to the rules required by major car manufacturers, such as GM and Ford, companies can also produce small series called a type of car. The law also requires the EPA, the California Department of Air Services and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to make special regulations in December 2016 on how these dealers will build these vehicles. CARB and EPA met the requirements, but NHTSA never met them. SEMA last sued the organization last year for launching NHTSA. We wanted to go deeper and find out what had happened in the last four or more years, so we turned to SEMA and NHTSA.

The good news is that we finally got there. Small car manufacturers will be able to officially produce the Cobra, ‘32 Roadster and other duplicates in cars until the NHTSA adopts special rules on January 20, 2021. But man, it took a long time.

Stuart Gosswein, a student of SEMA’s state affairs program, told Autoveek that it is unusual for a law to be passed without permission. “NHTSA was supposed to write certain regulations and they were blind. We only had five years from passing the law and once a year to write all the relevant NHTSA regulations.”

Gosswein told us that, although SEMA provided NHTSA assistance, they are still waiting. “We call it the official limbo, pure thing – it’s very painful.”

Gosswein also said that although the process is often faster, there are many examples that NHTSA actually takes longer. He said in 1996 that NHTSA switched to the production of small anglers and took over the workshop to learn how to do it, but then they “just left”. He told us that SEMA eventually went to Congress and passed the law and that the law was written that way.

“For four years we have been convincing all law enforcement agencies to understand the need for the law and pass it. We have adopted it. We are now waiting five years for this law. It is worrying. Congress has told NHTSA how this system should work.”

Gossvai said SEMA should have gone to court to initiate NHTSA, where one of the association’s staff members worked with regulators. He said the language still needed to be developed.

“Your internal deadline for ending this campaign was in July last year,” Gosswein said. “You didn’t pay attention. And we gather members of Congress, sponsors of the first law, knock on doors and ask what’s going on.”

According to Gossvai, NHTSA said that on the list that will be published “20. January “. Therefore, we are convinced that the end is near. “We asked NHTSA why it took so long, but it is not surprising that the organization did not answer this question.

Once this law comes into force, it comes into force immediately, which means that small car manufacturers will start producing cars now and will soon be able to sell them to you, the consumers.

I hope that this will be resolved by January. In the meantime, look at all 74 pages of the law and good luck with that!


Just before the new generation F-150, which came out earlier this year, got a version of the road: Ford removed the cover from the F-150 Tremor earlier this week. The flicker should be a soft, flexible version of a strong rapper rejoining the ranks. Flicker offers a wide range of off-road characteristics, including off-road tires, elevated skies and a range of other items. The truck is ready for everyday use. Sounds ridiculous! The truck will go on sale in mid-2021.

If you feel like seeing another new Acura MDKS, don’t worry. Acura presented the production version 2022 MDKS, which will be on sale at the beginning of next year. It doesn’t look bad. Acura Acura TPMS 2019 works well with the proposed design language and is fully presented here. We love it. According to the new design, there is a new separate structure for Acura and MDKS, at least for now. Acura claims to be 35% stronger than the output model. The front has a new geometric suspension of two pillars covering the pillars. Updated domain, multi-link installation. The reading is very high and we expect it to take you.