The Lamborghini Huracan supercar has a brand new Horakan STO. STO is a Super Trophio Omologata, which is a symbol of this Huracan Super Trophio model.

It seems like part of it. Here we use a new body kit on the front and a barn with a hood inspired by the Sesto element. Expansion of the front distributor and double ventilation of the hood increases the air flow to the central radiator. The NACA station on the rear bumper has a hexagonal upper roof that enhances push-ups and helps the engine breathe. So, if you want to talk to a push-up speaker, you can adjust the rear plane with a large and medium fluffy fin handle.

What is the job description of the WTO?
Currently, the atmospheric pressure of the 5.2-liter V10 remains the same as the EVO and is ideal for competitions at high speeds of 0.062 km / h and 193 km / h. These costs are lower than conventional EVOs due to the addition of new physical components.

Hurricane WTO is over

The body is wide, the arms are strong and the WTO can command security. IVTO protects the electric train of the EVO car on the rear wheels and has adjustable parts.

The quantity must be greater than te …
The unfinished STO has new anime driver modes that are not available in other Huracan models: STO, Trophio, Peogia. WTO is a type of solution that generates a lot of traffic. The gift is designed to combat difficulties. Pioja (Italian for “rain”) is a visual device suitable for soft asphalt cars. Carbon Ceramic Club Brembo is also used to machines.

The interior of the WTO uses Alcantara Earth in a carbon fiber chair and drawers with a carbon fiber chair with reclining seats and special door lights.

Hurricane STO needed!
You can order it now. Shipping begins in the spring of 2021. Rambo stated that the Huracan WTO costs 6216,677 plus tax on the British market.

STO Hall is new, but there are many different versions of the Huracan. Keep reading what Furakan says about it.

With the usual EVO coupe and net, the Lamborghini engine was reduced to 442 lb-ft of pre-performance compatibility at 6000 hp at 8000 rpm and a 5.2-liter V10. For RVD mode, the engine is lowered to 602 hp and 413 lbs. Find the Huracan option. The Beast V10 is paired with a high-performance two-slide seven-speed battery.

A taxi from 0 to 62 km travels in 2.9 seconds (with a simultaneous lift), reaching a speed of 202 km per hour. Web ended with a splash time of 3.1 seconds, a standard RVD of 3.3 seconds, and a RVD of 3.5 seconds

Still cruel …
Whatever the case, Lamborghini claims to be smart in terms of its overall capabilities, thanks to the new ETU-powered drive wheel, the best Italian name is the Lamborghini Dinamica Vicolo Integrata (LDVI).

In terms of performance and network, the new ECU controls not only the team, but also the backups of the new drivers presented here. It is new to the Huracan and is not available to relatives of the Audi R8. According to Rambo, illegal removal was also performed for security reasons, and the driver is still an option.

What’s new?
The interior has also noticed big changes, and the khakis are recording a technological boom a few steps behind the basket of a super car. The main difference is the new 8.4-inch touch screen control panel, which uses a well-controlled signature to control news and weather. Lamborghini offers a new Huracan with a dual camera system that makes it feel good for the first time.

Inner bottle

The Lamborghini AdParsonum concept has been applied to the EVO, and the theme of the new Arancio Xanto package features a built-in carbon alloy, celebrated in front of Perazante carbon leather tires and available packaging packages.

Are there any special photos of the Huracan EVO Spider?
At a speed of 38 miles per hour, the sky can rise and fall in 15 seconds, and the lower one does not damage the upper one in relation to the Rambo coupe, and the EVO network says that it is five times more than the previous hurricane.

Furakan Spider

What about RVD Furakan?
It is not very powerful, but it is lighter than the Huracan EVO RVD and has a special system that allows it to increase the power and power cycle in the middle. According to Rambo, the system saves energy when the belt is turned, improving performance when exiting the corner.