The name of the club was returned to the VV Golf GTI. The unique and powerful variant of the Mk8 Golf GTI has the highest price range and ranges from 37,215 USD.

According to VV, the new GTI Clubsport is one of the first GTI Clubsports launched in 2016 and without the Clubsport S challenge, but unlike this one it is none. bith. Why just launch the famous GTI Golf? Spokesman Bernd Schroder said that VV “waited a long time” for the latest clothes at the club, and this time they did not want to offend GTI fans.

Experts from Wolfsburg have taken very good care of the new club and will continue to develop the GTI into an everyday weapon on the streets that will maintain the streets of the city.

It looks cruel …

And that has something to do with it. The Clubsport front aprons, front and rear cushions reduce front and rear lift, remain 10mm below the standard GTI and come with two green tubes (instead of a twisted GTI). VV says that he will see Akrapović later.

In addition to the well-designed GTI (High Performance Activation), Clubsport also offers other features on the road, such as Car2X communication, LED displays and driving aids (multi-passenger and grass storage), as well as armored equipment. complete digital expertise and knowledge: entertainment is at the highest level of golf; ArtVelours seats are only available at Clubport.

The club had 18-inch wheels as a nineteen-year-old child. Inside Clubsport, it has home furniture and a roof.

Is there a zero?

The perfect OI GTI Clubsport uses the “Evo 4” version of the 2.0-liter EE888 engine with a pre-loaded engine, which now runs 297 hp and 295 lb ft, and is powered by wheels starting with a seven-speed DSG transmission. The route has not been redesigned, but according to VV, the club’s doors can be accelerated from 0 to 162 mph and at a speed of 155 mph in six seconds.

The basic compact GTI box is combined with a fast steering wheel and large Clubsport brakes with a powerful but non-slip grip.

The result is both a two-second drive around the Ehr Lessain from the VV under normal GTI and a 7m 54 lap around the Nordschleife (compared to the 8m 7s in the usual way).

What else do I need to know about Clubsport?

Ventilation and air conditioning experts have added a more efficient driver interface. Although specially selected as “Special” for state voters, the car is preparing for weight loss, narrowing, immobility and has a comprehensive court in the Nurburgring. that. The selected shock absorbers are smaller than in Sport mode, but some parts of the car hit harder.

“This is a new solution for the railway connection,” said Benjamin Leuchter, CEO of Motor Energi. “Thanks to that, the unique format allows us to go to the Nordschleife faster than the game itself.”

Do I need It can be ordered from December 2020. Boats are expected to be shipped to the UK in early 2021. It should be noted that the Golf R is always available for an additional £ 2055.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI finally arrived in 2020: the most important type of business in the industry, hatchback image editing, is the best pricing model since 1975.

Therefore, there is no pressure in the VV Golf GTI 2020 mode.

GTI (petrol) is presented in combination with GTD (diesel) and GTE (hybrid petrol). All three will be presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020.

At the same time, there are different types that have GT triplets from their siblings. You can still find old items such as tartan sets with a red line, but a well-designed face signature with a full LED display on the RS-hook and a double-fog lamp. .