Hyundai Motor Group is very interested in Boston Dynamics, the leading American company. This is an impressive feature that gives HMG an 80% stake in a $ 1.1 billion technical company and should be a temporary advantage for the business community.

What is Boston Dynamics?

Boston Dynamics is one of the most famous companies in the world, and videos of anthropomorphic objects continue to suffer. If you’ve seen a four-legged helmet or a good screen, you’re probably looking at a career at Boston Dynamics.

Because robots?

Boston Dynamics does not seem to be a clear choice for HMG, but robots, especially manufacturing intelligence, are becoming increasingly important in the automotive, manufacturing and automotive industries.

In recent years, HMG has been selling integration, the only technology and information production, and the company launched a new electronic platform a few days ago. A new platform called E-GMP will increase the speed of cheap products and lower product prices.

The Boston Dynamics event may have helped the finalists; Your robots can have vision, movement and intelligence.

The benefits of Boston Dynamics are not well known, but the partnership with HMG should help companies integrate their expertise from research and development to marketing faster and more efficiently. For example, the promotion of HMG will help speed up the use of medical robots.

HMG also supports interpersonal communication (HRI), where BD research is directly affected.

“We are thrilled that Boston Dynamics, the global leader in mobile robots, has joined the Hyundai Group. The event combines the potential of Hyundai Motor Group and Boston Dynamics to provide skills in the future, “said Euisun Chung. The theme of HMG is to help the community improve its security, protection and public health in the context of globalization and digital transformation.