Considered a powerful tool for filling the gap left by the Land Rover Protector, the British 4×4 will no longer be produced in Wales but in France as planned.

Sir Ineos Automobile has confirmed that it will be produced at the Gambach factory, which Sir Jim Ratcliffe Grenadier Ineos bought from Mercedes-Benz. Smart ForTvo electric cars are currently being produced under contract with Grenadier.

“Gambach has created a great opportunity for us: buy a world-class manufacturer of modern cars. Use it to build the world’s best 4×4 drive, and our new home Gambach will do the same,” he said.

Production of grenades will begin at the end of 2021, and customers will first receive the vehicle at the beginning of 2022.

Although the move allowed Ineos to go to Union Jack before Land Rover, a new Defender in Slovakia could be built directly at the factory. so. new advanced modernity. It is located 280 km from the engine, near the German border.

“This discovery marks our most important milestone in grenadier production. Our device also has an extensive testing program in The Gambia. Last year, we were able to make a 4×4 scale for distribution to our customers around the world,” said Dr. Heilman, CEO. ”

Dirk Heilmann, CEO of Ineos Automotive, told the BBC: “As with Gambach, there were no new alternatives before.

“So, in the current production environment, we examine and check whether the construction of two production plants is the right thing to do.”

Grenade for Ineos: What you need to know

The bomber had traditional ladders that wiped the box with a spark plug, a permanent wheel, a detachable stroke and an internal fire.

“Above all, the focus is on mobility,” said Mark Tennant, director of marketing. A vehicle that has not been able to provide reliable service for several years will not be able to do so. I have to take you to the woods.

“It simply came to our notice then. Not all of them work to the extent that some of our customers want, but they must be capable.

“Anyway, you won’t mind if you have an old car. It’s all about connectivity, screens, chairs, rooms. It won’t come back. A modern car made in a certain style.”

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This style is not needed in the spirit of “image above function”, it has a strong degree of separation. Extremely small, prominent wheels, low hood, semi-flat window, external door hinges, side flat rails / rails, rear doors, roofs, open connectors, front and rear traction, steel protective panels.

The Wranglers, not to mention the new Ford Bronco, look like a combination of the Defender, G-Class and Jim.

Super designer Toby Ecuier: “We looked at other 4x4s, tractors and helicopters. All types of vehicles were important and inspiring. That’s when we started designing cars. This is a safe and accurate vehicle.”

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There are two engines, petrol and diesel, including a 3.0-liter BMW. Ineos seems to have a business that includes next-generation cars.

The ZF gearbox was done by the tractor manufacturer Carraro, and most of the development work was done by Magna, which created the Mercedes G-Class.

The installation process was originally aimed at producing the body and chassis at the Ineos plant in Portugal until the completion of the target plant in Bridgend. , Wales. However, the case of the Portuguese and Wales is taking place in France.

“The largest quantity we want to bring into the world is about 25,000 units, which is less than what other manufacturers would like. This large quantity is still far away. This is the key to a little humility. First understand what we are not doing,” Tennant said.

“We start with built-in fire trucks, because we think there is no other game that would make the engineering system a reality in the city right now, like the others. We are technology and infrastructure experts.”