The future of Grenadiers Inea is already uncertain. Plans have now begun to build a promising 4×4 in Wales, and the brand has indicated that it is now looking for a factory in France. The original plan was supposed to be made near the Ford Bridgend factory, but Ineos confirmed that negotiations are underway on the purchase of the Mercedes-Benz location in Moselle, France.

This means that 200 potential jobs can now be moved to another location.

Inias Bridget

“Some new opportunities have opened up, like the Hambach plant, which we didn’t have before,” Dirk Heilmann, CEO of Ineos Automotive, told the BBC.

“So we have a different picture – and we’re testing whether it’s right to add two new interpretations to today’s environment.”

Ineas Grenadier: what you need to know
From the beginning, the Grenadier has always had a traditional staircase with cross-sections, beams, all-wheel drive, differential locks and internal combustion engines.

Sales Director Mark Tennant says: “The ultimate goal was mobility and capacity on the spot. An off-road vehicle that doesn’t drive for years and provides expensive maintenance doesn’t actually do the job for years. You have to plant it in the bushes and come back.

“It is a vehicle designed primarily as a working tool. Not everyone wants to make it as heavy as the high demands of our customers, but it should be.

“You don’t have to hurt, you don’t have to hurt if you have a useful vehicle. For connectivity, screen, seat comfort, space, everything is integrated. It hasn’t come back.” it is a modern vehicle made in a certain style.

The pieces get bigger
The style has a level of hashing that is not required in the form of a feature type. It is very square with curved wheels, low shutter speed, almost flat glass, external hinged door, easy-to-use side friction strap, asymmetrical rear doors, roof ladders, open passages, steel plates and front and rear hook wheels.

It’s like a mix of Wrangler, Defender, G-Class and Jimny, not to mention the modern Ford Bronco.

Lead designer Toby Equer says: “We saw other 4x4s looking at tractors, helicopters, all kinds of valuables and were inspired. We started this car honestly and immediately.”

Buy better
The 3.0-liter BMW has two engines, a petrol and a diesel. Ineos has a reasonable contract that includes next-generation machines.

Tractor manufacturer Carraro made the FA transmission, axles and most of the development of the Magna, as well as the Mercedes G-Class.

In total, this applies to approximately 160 suppliers. The process involved building the body and frame assembly at the Ineos plant in Portugal before the machines were completed at a special plant in Brindsha, Wales.

The tenant says: “The largest quantity we have, which we deliver worldwide, is about 25,000 – far less than other manufacturers have targeted. This is the most important amount to date. The most important thing is a little humility and understanding that we will not do it from day one.

“We are starting internal combustion engines because we don’t think we now have another game in town to implement the engineering plan, but because we are all following the development of technology and infrastructure.”

“What we’re doing is developing a new line of cars from scratch and developing a new company, a new manufacturer. Both are big investments. Ineos doesn’t do everything in two. Ineos Automotive wants to be a much bigger Grenadier.”

Accept it through laughter
Ecuier explains how his team started: “Our starting point was to compare the best commercial vehicles we have. As well as those that have really tried over the years. She was honest with them. A few words were repeated: confident, strong, dedicated, reliable, determined Were any of these areas recorded in any of the data we edited?