The discovery of new engines that will be developed in 2021, under Rovers, can be easily changed inside and out.

The Sensing Card hasn’t changed, but the new surface – and new color wheel adjustments, new and modern new LED taillights, a revised front grille and headlights needed for the Matrix DRLs – have updated the vehicle without drastically changing the album. . Aesthetics are well known.

Renault’s innovation, new infotainment system and new interface for faster and more intuitive functionality – curved 11.4 inches on the touch screen – for faster and more intuitive functionality (although 90% of Volkswagen is wind-controlled) He says even. Only two screws). There is not much reason to use it, and that is a big step in God’s guardianship, etc. Discovery’s new drivetrain also shows the fate of a new 12.3-inch JLR digital display, a new multifunction head-up display, a new steering wheel and an unusual, cute reversing gearbox born in Lorem.

You can expect to be pampered and treated and cleaned with ionized air in the passenger cabin (you can also use the application as an air conditioner for breathing in the cabin, but it is best guaranteed before there is fresh air), seat heating in all three rows, personally doubled the 40-liter storage cabin is large and is connected to eight Wi-Fi devices (optional (can be folded, can sit on the phone) and as before, its huge capacity of seven seats of 258 liters distributed 1231 liters of five liters, 2485 units to obtain one unit per second to absorb the order.

A simple battery, two very good nutrients (a thin and smooth hybrid version of the six-cylinder turbo diesel D250 and D300) and a four-cylinder, six thirsty turbo gasoline engines appear. average P300 P360.

Four smart points, off-road terrain 2 are our greatest pleasure, the quality of the joint suspended in the air, the bike itself smells sweet and I promise that you will prepare the joints, while remaining an excellent terrain.

Finally, new sports equipment and Dynamic-A-level rear window surfaces enhance the car’s exterior perception and outstanding aesthetics. -design.

Discovered in the UK, the price starts at £ 53,050 and is available with four types of equipment; S, SE, HSE and R-Dynamic.