McCall’s new high performance was named. His name is Arthur and he will arrive in the first half of 2021. It is the third electronic brand to be produced electronically, but it is the first product in a hybrid car: the Woking King Disc is classified as High PS and P. L is a visible car. It was also the first car to use a hybrid of the McLean platform.

Faster hybrid cars

“All of Arthur’s elements are completely new – from the platform architecture and all parts of the high-quality hybrid train to the external and internal driver interfaces,” said McLaren CEO Mike Flevitt. “But it builds on decades of McCain’s experience in driving, racing and off-road technology to bring all of our electrical skills to the luxury car class.”

Are there any details?

We still don’t know what it looks like, but the official spy shoot has a car that is mostly suitable for GT and 720S. Even if it is covered with flames, mackerel with greater fatigue can be noticed mackerel. The front also looks like a GT-720S hybrid. The style is not accidental. Sit between these two cars in a wide range of Vigo cars.

As expected, the Arthur combines a compact V6 engine with turbine and hybrid power in a combination of train and chassis. Woking believes that the V8 has a better look and power, but the torque response can only be achieved with a pumped electronic torque reduction solution.

Unlike other hybrid sports cars, the electric components of the new Hidell brand support the way the vehicle is driven without emitting harmful gases. The scope of this regime has not yet been confirmed.