Black system again. This is the most powerful Mercedes-AMG dashboard today, the AMG GT, and uses racing technology to change history and trajectory.

The AMG engineer has completely replaced the GT, making the car less harmful to the environment. Price: £ 335,000.

Nurburgring, known as the Black Chain
AMG GT Nurburgring Black Series

Yes that’s right. The Maro Engel GT3 AMG GT Black Series driver’s helmet officially set 6: 43,616 at 6: 43,616 around the long T13 Nordschleife to fully rotate 6: 48,047.

The car produces higher speed on wheels, surpassing the previous rating (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ) by more than 1.3 seconds.

To adjust, the partition is placed “in operation” with the rear space in the middle. Adjustable coils are obtained from 5 mm at the front and 3 mm at the rear, the machine is rated as the optimal negative value, and the AMG tractor steering is set from n to six to seven positions.

All these changes can be made by the car dealer without any changes.

It has a great V8, right?

That is true, but with significant differences. The black system got two twin-turbo V8 4.0 based on other GT models (and at least a PG PG slot) and an M178 code, but it didn’t give the turnaround that the V8 made to McLaren’s show compared to AMG. Search for.

With a new engine, many features and a large turbocharger, this type of engine – called the M178 LS2 – is the most powerful AMG V8. The black series weighs 720 hp and 590 kilograms. Energy is sent to Earth in a seven-stop vehicle, allowing black to drive 0.2 and 3.2 seconds at 162 km / h and high at 202 km / h. / Look after nine seconds.

Undsda, ah, wild …
It is. The original idea of ​​MOBILE was to establish a company with “M” and end with “Ansori”. But these wings and holes have the meaning and motifs of the AMG GT3 and GT4.

The carbon fiber cover has two fans for high pressure air purification, and the floor is covered with a small amount of air. This is the last set that contains a cookie; AMG Dynamic Select is a central location called electronics that can detect and reduce speed and driving conditions. Carbon fiber suspension, adjustable armrest and controlled driving conditions. The function also has nine sliding systems that can be accessed via the yellow button in the control section.

I want to be stronger

Do you want to learn the right way? AMG also offers a music package with black strings that includes a cover and straps with four heads and fire extinguishers.