BMW INEK got a new name (earlier) and is now closer to production. This is a BMW X and it is almost a complete version of the BMW electric long tail. Munich points out that this new electric cruise will bring the latest technology and innovations of the brand, as well as the performance of the electric car.

We first suspected that the new electric SUV would be called iKs5 when board member Frank Weber started production, telling us that iK would call this car a production car. The new X will finally be announced at the end of 2021. Here is a summary of what we know so far.

That sounds weird …

Yes. But since this wonderful “network” is delighted with the concepts of iNekt and i4, it’s no surprise. BMW claims that the X looks like the X5, part of the X6 and X7 wheels: the latter has a full SUV interior and a slightly smaller size.

The body has no ripples, the lights are low, and the front is twisted, and the rear puts the X silhouette much closer to the X6 than the X5. Blue details highlight the galvanic coating – the main component of the original i3 and i8 – when you wash the door handles and the panoramic glass roof.

The interior of the iCs cabin uses a lot of iNect inspiration. It has a hexagonal steering wheel and a large number of on-screen features that can be used by the driver and his assistant. BMW calls it a curved screen that creates a 12.3-inch screen for drivers and a larger 14.9-inch screen in the middle, located in the middle. When asked by CAR with which operating system the new generation of iDrive was presented, Weber confirmed that it was true: “This is a completely new system, version iDrive 8.0. You will learn more about its features during the first months of 2021.

The speakers and live screen are hidden and here are all the new touch screens with a good rating. The optional Bowers and Wilkins sound system is available for a total of 30 speakers.

What does the new X bring?

For most of the year, BMW is proud of the new “fifth generation” electric vehicle technology found here. Below is a battery with a capacity of 100 kV / h, so that the BMW has a useful range of more than 300 km on a single charge.

Two electronic engines, one on each axle, offer 493 horsepower, which is good for speeds of 0-162 km / h in less than five seconds. BMW claims that IR devices can charge up to 200 V DC, which allows charging between 10-80% in 40 minutes.

BMW also points out that its latest electric vehicle technology can be recycled using electronic motors that do not use scattered soil.

When can I buy X?

It’s not safe yet because it’s not a one hundred percent car. BMW says that the production model, which will be separated from this product, will be sold before the end of 2021.

To see the idea that started it all, read more about the original iNect engine.

IKS5 will be based on the idea for the iNekt machine: its technology, design and packaging show the company’s future plans, especially in the field of electricity, communications and autonomous management.

Similar to the idea of ​​BMW Vision Dynamics (i4 of the future) and the new iX3, iNectom is dominated by a long network connected to the kidneys and appears as a feature of the BMW Electric Group.

The windshield is constantly poured into the panoramic glass roof, which is designed to fill the interior with as much light as possible.

It is a very large car and the dimensions described by BMW are between X5 and X6, but in metal they look bigger. There is no B-pillar, the central force is formed by overlapping between the front and rear doors. The door itself is large, the rear door is inverted, and conventional gloves do not replace motion sensors.

There are no mirrors, but they have been replaced by cameras with a real original model.

As a prototype car, the iNect also has 24-inch wheels. Don’t wait for them to enter production, as shown in the previous spy photos …

Manual and independent control function
INekt is subject to connection technology and battery life, and the interior can change settings depending on whether it is offline or manual.

The idea includes an additional way of handling artificial old-fashioned fashion and an easy way to travel independently. In the lighting position, the steering wheel is slightly tightened and the pedals are adjusted with the ground. In development mode, BMW claims that iNekt will continue to meet the “maximum unit” course thanks to its low center of gravity and strong acceleration, although it refused to publish the expected performance data.