Overcoming Covid’s obstacles, some of the most progressive performance promises, and widespread cynicism, Pinfarina has just created and created it: out of nowhere, he has created a very powerful, massive, and technically Hyper GT.

Rene Bholman, CEO of Pinfarina Sports Car, told the car after completing the first series of Batista rapid control tests in Italy: “We are really excited about the car’s performance. It’s amazing.”

Together with Pinfarin, Volman helped build his first car brand, which he spent decades at AMG. The first was for an expensive and short life – but a short time ago – a move by the SLS; His latest project was the hyper AMG One.

‘I’m not tomorrow. I know what you usually get when you run the first prototype. You have more time to drive. But in this particular case, it is surprisingly optimistic. It’s a car that drives correctly, with the right torque and the right power, “said Volman. ‘But it’s not a song machine. They always grow there, because you get to the limit and find the calibration point, but we don’t follow any record of the circle.

‘He should feel very strong on the road, but very neutral, very good for control, targeting, forgiving and on the highway. If it’s a hair dryer, you usually don’t like it at all. ”

The Batista wrench is a torque vector system that uses four electric motors at four angles to assist in fast mode. The front engines have 5 x 5 hp each, and the rear 404 hp. The total torque is 1 16 6 lb ft ft.

The powder redesign comes from Pirelli Tire and Bremba carbon-ceramic bricks, but the important task is to combine it all into a reasonable, recognizable package. (The money comes from Indian giant Mahindra, who bought Pinferino in 2015)

“Driving patterns are very important to us,” Volman said. “If a driver really wants to drive calmly, slowly in the city center, with one hand on the window, you don’t want a car that is flexible and wobbly, but a very thin car. However, if you want, you can change your driving style so that it is flexible and warty so that you get everything you need. If you have a accelerator pedal that allows you to brake when crossing it, this is a big challenge. But that’s great! Here’s how to connect with professionals. You can’t just make a hyper car with adolescence – you need the right skills.

‘We started setting things up, the level of equipment was appropriate when Kovid started. But we didn’t have much delay. We have to configure things, and the delivery of parts is challenging – as if your screw supplier is locked. But we do a lot in these times. ”

Pininfarin’s schedule has changed because of Covid, so in the first half of 2021 he will be able to make more than 1,150 handmade cars to reach wealthy customers.

When Pininfarina was first announced on November 1, 2011 with the intention of making its own car and making an electric car, many looked up. Now, however, the decision to avoid gasoline seems wise. With a price tag of around € 200,000, the limited range makes sense. His plan is to follow the example and series of luxury EVs.

For decades, Pininfarina has made the car look special and feel, including the Finari 2ar0 GT Coupe and Ford Street, – the Batista had to be quickly rescued from the side to see what the high-performance EV looks like in terms of packaging.

“The legacy you need now,” Walman said. ‘Look at all the EVs. Do you see someone you love in person? This is very important to us. We want good design, good materials, because you all work in hyperparts, but all electronically.

“We try to choose the car you want for your car. When you go to the garage, you have a lot of cars and you want to choose your car today, we make the car for you. Choose Batista.

“We have different areas for customers. We have fans, we have hyper car fans, we have drivers, but we have a new group, people with a lot of money, like fine arts, like cars, but they don’t like that in sound and smell. We open the door to people who have always wanted to buy a hyper car, but always have this problem. ”

Overcoming Covid’s obstacles, some ambitious promises of performance and broad origins, Pinipherina recently introduced and created it: from scratch it created a very powerful, massive Hyper GT and technical.