What is it?
This is our second encounter with a terribly modified version of Porsche’s Macan GTS – but the first in England.

The first trip with these smart gifts to the Golden Goose SUV in Stuttgart arrived at the International Motor Show in February. Due to poor Portuguese technology this explains why the Gran Turismo Sport Macan chose them for smart drivers with just a family. Now he has landed here in England and it is time to see how hard he worked on the ground and fell under the British asphalt.

But first an overview of what GTS GTS does. The recipe is similar to the previous one: a complex addition system; added a note of special vision; and recharge with energy and energy in quiet times.

So you still get lighting equipment, including a lightweight hood, 20-inch black RS Spyder wheels and a black exterior – making the Macan GTS softer than a regular car. The car also stays 15mm close to the ground thanks to sports suspension, including updated mufflers for better traction and control. The optional height-adjustable air suspension reduces it by 10 mm in vacuum, but in the Sport Plus it is reduced even on the Macan GTS with disc. The test car costs £ 1044.

However, major improvements will result in the GTS getting more direct attacks. Although the latter car had a rougher version of the 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 turbocharger than the Macan S, this engine used a 2.9-liter turbo. To that end, horsepower and traction were limited to 376 horsepower and 384 lb-ft, as opposed to 434 horsepower and 403 lb-ft Turbo. However, it still has 20 horsepower more and 16 lb-ft more than you have in the last Macan GTS.

How are you?
It’s as fast as ever. It may not be the most powerful Macan on the market, but you obviously don’t see it along the way.

Our Sport Chrono with a ball is as fast as it claims to take 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds, and the V6 offers heroic speed at that speed. Power and pleasant sound are significantly improved thanks to energy consumption that matches the standard design, while the turbo temperature and intelligent sand speed of the PDK transmit faster at the speed of response and transmission. demonstration.

Therefore, it is very quick to learn to travel. And thanks to the suspension settings, the Porsche PTV Plus distorts the difference between instant protection, direct communication and voice communication and the rear derailleur, no doubt the Macan Ni GTS prevents it from turning slowly.

Higher speeds start slowly, even in Sport Plus mode, but that change happens with stable control. The tread level is very high and the steering wheel gives a clear idea of ​​the tire load and their reaction to the surface under the steering wheel. In response, it doesn’t feel as active as directly, as Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio mentioned, but it is considered not to foam in the way it affects the way you narrow your legs. The desire for a safe ride, which includes beautiful details, only attracts the appeal of an everyday SUV.

As well as the quality of travel. It was a barn, but he never got angry and felt compelled to flee a difficult place. The way you hear the suspension to ride your bike on the road and body when riding on B-Road bends is very good. The truth is that it won’t surprise you if you run a routine or package, even if everything changes in Sport Plus mode.

Determined to relax and slow down, he became one of the favorite manufacturers of SUVs and watches. There was a slight vibration on the road and you hear the wind blowing fast, but not very well.