Porsche has found several “lost” designs in a new book called Porsche Invisible. Thanks to fifteen design studios that see the sunlight, it is a unique view of the workplace in Stuttgart.

“In terms of looks, it’s not about building every car on the road.” Instead, it’s about creating a creative space and a relationship with time to the future, says design manager Michael Mauer.

There are two ways to develop a brand: either increase the results from now on or step by step. Therefore, it is difficult for you to master these methods. If you give freedom to your options. The idea is up to you. Change the next day and come back the next day.

The fifteen points developed in the new book are very detailed in the last part. We even approached some of them differently; namely Bokter Bergspider and 917 Live Miths. But others began to give in.

In 2004, VV developed the KSL Sport concept with a Ducati Superleggere twin-cylinder engine weighing less than 900 kg. Porsche wanted to take care of its design. The designers accidentally created the look of the first 904 model using a McLaren Speedtail and an Alpine A110 greenhouse.

Porsche 920 signal

Even after Porsche left the LMP1 class for global competition, Mauer could not refute the idea that Porsche was driving a race car in an eternal car. This vision of 920 was the hope of the time. If Porsche ever returns, can I do something similar under the new rules?

Perhaps most importantly, the 919 hybrid street takes all the technology from the hybrid hybrid in Stuttgart and makes it legal. In the past, Porsche produced a “road version” of its cars from Le Mans, but unfortunately 919 Street did not follow tradition.

Maybe it’s time to think about it: Mercedes, Ferrari, and even Peugeot have fulfilled most of their plans for an electric bike, and maybe Stuttgart should do the same.

New RS Spider from Stuttgart 1954.550-1500. With a central engine, rear ribs and rear positioning, the Spider Vision is the highway for Porsche’s future design team. There was also a 1: 1 ratio.

Porsche was obviously thinking so much about building an electric car that it won the courage 1: 1 before the idea was postponed. But that’s not even weird, it’s weird that it has average driving space, just like the McLaren F1.

The six-seater Rennienst brand, which together with the Sports Tourer inscriptions on the rear shows that Porsche is seriously considering the MPV concept …

The truth is. Porsche has a long history in Dakar and this is not the first time that one of its cars has been called “Safari”. This three-door Mac is designed for different types of roads. Designed for imperfect space.

You wouldn’t expect this thing to be designed and built in 2005. The Porsche Pad was free, it was just a supercar that wasn’t supposed to be the company’s original review; That was the whole result. “The process of creating such characters is free,” says Mauer. “Later, when we developed the electronic certificate, we re-evaluated the proposal.”

Are you, Aston Martin Valhalla? Porsche was so proud of its Spider 918 that they wanted to design it, but it has a completely different and solid pattern. Although the first 918 was designed to be fast and easy to use, this version of the RS would be valid, but it was all about conversion.

Some return and the usual break. This updated prototype 911 was discovered in 2012 and decorated with a varnish like Martini. It seems that Porsche is still playing with the idea: inspirational images that will be tested in the middle of 2020.

When the legal team joined Formula E 2019, Porsche manufacturers developed the idea to make sure the rules were longer.