Porsche has found some “missing” concepts in a new book called Porsche Unseen. 15 design studies that have not yet been published are a unique look at Stuttgart’s work.

“When it comes to our vision, not all cars will be on the road. Instead, it is about creating a more creative space and relationship with the future, ”says designer Michael Mauer.

“There are two ways to become a brand. Either you upgrade your product now or step by step. However, it’s hard to be really innovative. Or do you just go from bad to worse? It’s about your thoughts. Let’s go tomorrow morning and then from there tomorrow.”

The fifteen concepts described in the new book fit very well into the latter category, և Porsche found three of them online.

Probably the most extreme of these, the 919 Hybrid Street, takes all the technology from the Stuttgart Le Mans Hybrid and makes it legal. Earlier, the “street version” of Porsche made its cars from Le Mans, and complained that the traditional 919 street does not continue.

Maybe it’s time to go back. Mercedes, Ferrari, and even Peugeot have made the most of their electric sports cars, and maybe Stuttgart should do the same.

Last Stuttgart 1954. 550-1500 RS Spider. The central engine, rear-wheel drive Vision Spider, is the path of the future Porsche design team. It was 1! Relationship 1.

Porsche knew that there was so much talk about building an electric van that it reached the 1: 1 model before the idea shelf was set up. But that’s not surprising either. Surprisingly, it has a central position in a car like the McLaren F1.

In fact, the look of the racing service looks like six people, which together with the Sport Tourer labels suggests that Porsche is really thinking about showing the MPV concept …