Torres has discovered a form of Praetorian school bus that is safe for Judgment Day because children are the future and education is important. Based on the same Praetorian platform that you will read more about below, polymer-coated seats can accommodate up to 35 children. Folding handles and hinge holders are optional. Of course.

“Torres Pretorian is customized and versatile, so we are definitely looking for other ways to use buses in different situations around the world,” said Vakhtang Joshavali, CEO of Torres. Said Vakhtang Zazakshvali. “The school bus was one of our first ideas, because the Pretorian is a safe and solid vehicle that we know can protect its passengers even in the toughest conditions. Wherever customers need a school bus for safe and efficient driving in the” Pretoria school bus ” is an option that always provides them.

This is the Torres Pretorian – the world’s first 4×4 off-road and off-road bus brought to you by the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 with the participation of the design team.

Like the National Express bus produced in Slovakia, this bus can transport people and their belongings over long distances. However, because it has all-wheel drive and wide tires, it can instead of M4 instead of stone, sand, ice and snow.

Cold, but why?

In addition to looking great, we were also a little vulnerable because the world needed a vehicle like the Praetorian. Browse the brochure and see dozens of practical applications for choosing the type of transportation in Dwayne Johnson’s accommodation.

Industrial transport is the most obvious case that helps miners, miners and the like to provide emergency services in problematic areas. Go beyond that, and the possibilities bring you more lifestyles – kitchen buses, car decorations – as well as many military buildings with offensive digital cameras and attack and puncture wheels.

Our favorite bus is a motor bus that can accommodate two cross bikes. Not only is there a garage space in the back, but it is black / lime / green and it seems that it can easily compete in one part of Rally Raid.

Should Taurus be the main Praetorian engine?

The high-fat parts are supplied by Man, one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Europe, so Pretorian fits into your existing fleet and you will have no problems finding and maintaining spare parts.

Under the hood is a massive 6.9-liter six-cylinder flat-plug engine that delivers 237 horsepower and 682 pounds of torque thanks to the semi-automatic ZF transmission. Such numbers indicate complete flexibility in difficult areas, even at full load, and if you are a bus with two pedals, it means that instead of controlling the clutch, you should not go uphill in the Italian style of work.

All rotary gears are also manufactured in MAN, so you will have two large axles with parabolic cascades of wings (lighter and more flexible than standard counterparts), as well as two locks and a 395 mm wide Michelin KSZL TA. Off-road tires.

A distance of 389 mm from the ground, a depth of 700 mm and a strong target “resistant to difficult working conditions” help us to break through the rough farm, which seems to us a challenge.

Is there a defect that causes migraines and ESR fractures?

No, you no longer have to worry about the school bus – the Praetorian is equipped with a three-point seat belt for everyone and a DVD player with a central screen, so your passengers can watch old parts of the Bear Barbecue along the way.

It also has large open storage shelves with interior strips and megabyte-like lights, although the sky is limited by the seating position of the interior seats.

In any case, the driver was given a biographical chair and a reversing camera for field hunters, so that the Tesco metro would not empty 13 tons of buses.

If you plan to do that later, it is important to mention the heavy bulldozers on the front and back – but the good news is that all Praetorian models have fiberglass plates, and the X X special coating is resistant to scratches and stone chips.

I need one, how much does it cost?

A standard Praetorian number brings you the equivalent of 155,000 euros, which is very cheap if you think you can easily buy a car with less torque and only two seats instead of 35. Besides, if you have to go to many people – go back in time. It will be cheaper and take up less space than the others