The sale of the Toyota Highlander in the UK has been confirmed for the first time, which means that full-size SUV buyers will be able to add another candidate to the shopping list.

This is a large hybrid with seven-seater 4×4 that is still sold in the USA, Asia and only in the markets with giant SUVs. In Japan and Australia, it was historically called Toyota Vise, because Hyundai had a brand there.

With a mustache smaller than 5 meters (4950 mm to be precise), the new Toyota Highlander has three rows of seats, and the sliding central seat has been moved 180 mm back and forth to accommodate passengers. .

The Toyota Highlander will be introduced in the UK in early 2021

There’s also a 658-liter body (opens by sliding under the bumper), which goes up to 1,909 liters when all five rear seats are flat on the floor. Toyota is convinced that the market for SUVs filled with this large family of information is growing and the competition for BMW X5 and Volvo KSC90 hybrids is growing.

The Highlander is sold with the Land Cruiser, which is more of a land model than a two-wheeled vehicle. Because of its traction capacity, the Highlander needs a two-ton towing system with a total power of 241 horsepower.

Hybrid propulsion system to reduce emissions and increase efficiency
Based on Toyota’s architecture, called the GA-K or large in-car hybrid, the Highlander makes it an electric hybrid car, and there are no other engines available in the UK.

Toyota Highlanderi salong

It combines the famous 2.5-liter Atkinson gasoline engine and two-axis electric motors powered by a second series of nickel-metal hydride batteries. This assumes a staggering 146g / km CO2 plus 42.8MPg in the combined VLTP circuit.

Drivers can choose between organic, standard, sport and track modes. all functions are available in silent mode. Toyota’s smart connectivity technology for the British models includes windscreen headphones, a digital rear camera that is not protected by luggage or headphones, as well as a standard passenger control program and other safety / comfort systems for babysitting.

Sounds good! When can you buy a Toyota Highlander in the UK?

We still have to wait. According to Toyota, deliveries to Western Europe will begin in early 2021.

Prices have not yet been requested, but we will update this article to learn more about full details, pricing and details.