Realizing that for some reason a lot of caravans are available, not only for airplanes and other items, Volkswagen has significantly improved by offering new top coastal models in California.

Oooh – Cheap California?

Admission is cheap. However, VV California Beach still costs more than 5,000-52,000 US dollars, and the simplest version of the Beach Tour requires you to take your old stove out of the kitchen due to lack of dishes.

By the highest standards, the Beach Camper has an oven that puts it next to the truck when not in use. He’s smart enough. See below for more information.

Like all of these shows, California coastal models are the most visible MPVs, not full-size mobile roads. This allows them to carry more people – but the tour gives them five places to climb by six or seven degrees, while the older one usually has four people (as in California) with a fifth option.

What distinguishes the other two?

Pit and about 300 JPI – instead an additional tour of the beach. In addition, the tour also offers two sliding doors owned by an elderly woman. They both had an old woman’s table and two chairs hidden in the back door.

VV California Coast, 6.1, 2020, rear view

Both versions will be available by the end of October 2020 with the original 150 horsepower TDI.

Want to know more about the rest of the California 6.1 series? Read – or review the VV California test.

Meet the new Chef Camping: VV California 6.1 is available in the summer of 2020
Cover the children, put the pot holder in the cupboard and cook in two ovens. Volkswagen California was updated in the summer of 2020 and is currently based on the latest T6.1 carrier and offers several minor improvements.

For now, only the built-in engine – Ford Transit Nugget or Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo, with only independent conversion, has a separate Volkswagen factory in California. This allows the Callan to constantly integrate the functions of the caravan, allowing it to be used and operated as a vehicle.

People buy these cars, there is freedom and fun. The weekend can be packed in a few minutes, not enough to wander the narrow streets of the week, and if necessary, it can be used as a family car. There is no doubt that they are very popular among young and old. They are especially useful for sports – v What is better for an old BB woman who has a front glass roof and a bicycle in the back?

What is home transportation?

Unexpectedly, the new VV carrier in California is based on the current generation T6.1 (changes are not as significant as the T7 is guaranteed). Although the body is almost the same, the front end has been fundamentally changed – the new front end and engine look like a Passat car.

It has a large entertainment system with a touch screen, which means the transition from hydraulic to electromechanical, now the carrier has a whole range of auxiliary safety systems – automatic emergency braking, support for seat belts and RV and parking. This is good news and should be easily adapted to larger machines, as most calligraphy stores use machines instead of trucks on a weekly basis.

What’s new behind?

There are a lot of small changes here, but let’s upgrade the memory reception first. Choose a model on the beach or ocean – real guards from afar – with two rear seats for sliding rear seats. This is compensated by a small stove, gas stove, pan, place filled with refrigerator.

There are no bathrooms or toilets – that’s why the sheet metal is so small – but if you really want to move a few centimeters away from the bedroom, you have a closet to hide the portopot. However, don’t do that.

In this model, t 6.1,