Volkswagen’s fifth EV, the production version of the Vision ID concept, will be sold in Europe by the end of 2023, the British magazine Autocar announced, referring to Frank Welch, the head of research and development in Great Britain.

Autocar reports that the BMW i4 and Mercedes-Benz EKE will provide 435 kilometers and come in the form of limousines and helicopters. The exterior looks the same size as the Passat, but Autocar says it’s an intuition more like a Paeton pendant.

U.S. officials would not comment on whether the car would come here, but we would not be surprised if it is under investigation. After all, if BV were to be the manufacturer of the EV, shouldn’t it replace something like, say, the Passat?

ID.6 is built on certain EV platforms of the Volkswagen Group. This is followed by the opening of ID.3, a new intersection of ID.4 and ID.5, which will appear next year. BB also manages the Buzz MPV ID, which should appear in 2023 or 2024.

Autocar says that the six-year identity is not always official, but the number six means prosperity in China, most often in the Volkswagen store, and the company expects the car to be very popular there.

The magazine claims that the ID 6 will be equipped with a single-engine or four-wheel engine, which supports the performance of the GTKS model, which Wells said can drive at speeds from 62 mph to 5 mph. one engine takes 6 seconds.

Like other ID models, ID.6 is sold in an approximate battery size. Wales says it has the most batteries in the 84 kWh package on land and can provide 431 miles. A well-known range of well-known Welsh cars results in better lithium battery performance, reduced mobile support and new aerodynamic development. The car is also planned to support charging speeds of up to 200kV, allowing you to increase the distance by 143 miles in just 10 minutes from a fast one-way tuner.

Production will take place in the Waldenvagen Emden factories in Germany from 2023, Autocar reports. ID.4 and ID 5. In 2022, the first type of ID cards was produced in Emden. Our Chinese partners will also produce BV, SAIC and FAV ID.6 in China from 2024.