The Hummer brand is back in 2020. GMC, one of the leading North American SUV brands, will revive the Homer brand and use it for a new electric SUV.

Since then, the specification of the launch vehicle (known as version 1) has been called “First Class Truck”, offering superior road performance and zero exhaust from the cooling pipe.

How strong will it be?

Using a combination of batteries and three electric motors from the new Ultimate GE series, version 1 promises 1,000 horsepower and about 11,500 pounds of torque.

Of course, this is good for a time of 0 to 60 km / h in about three seconds, and a fast charge of 800 volts means that 100 miles can be connected to the battery in 10 minutes.

The full cost should allow you to drive 350 miles, even if you use a full 4-wheel system, says Hammer’s chief engineer, who manufactures this truck, a very capable factory.

Are we looking for chassis technology?

The basics include air suspension, which can be adjusted to what is called a “plan mode”, and the body adds six inches to clean the pool or deep water.

Everything is controlled by a set of driving models that includes changes such as torque distribution and all-wheel steering for different areas.

The Homer comes with 35-inch off-road tires, but the 37-inch version fits, and the low-maintenance steel battery protects it from damage.

However, it is more popular there with the B C V as an all-wheel drive with a “curb on the curb”, where the front and rear tires can be moved to shift the balance.

Finally, ultraviolet front and rear cameras help drivers remove obstacles not normally seen behind the wheel.

What is a hammer?

As you may not know, the term hammer comes from Humvee Military Transport, and the company they created wanted to create civilian versions.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, the Hummer H1 – a slightly modified Humvee – also sold smaller B2 and H3 accounts until the brand ceased operations in the late 2000s.