Electric vehicle drivers can show their green identity on a green board.

The measures were first announced in June and will make it easier for drivers to take advantage of “local incentives such as free or cheaper parking” and even bus lanes, the transport ministry said.

In addition, they will be a clear signal of an increase in the number of owners of electric vehicles and may force them even more to switch to electricity. Or at least he hopes for the government …

Only new zero-emission vehicles in the UK are allowed to carry one of the new green stickers. They can be used in new and old electric vehicles – and not necessarily.

Are you suspicious? Ministers point to a lawsuit in Ontario, Canada, where similar laws have increased the number of electric vehicle registrations. but without an increase in interest and such small initial values ​​we get with.

“Green signals are a very positive and fun way to learn about the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads,” said Transport Minister Grant Shaps. “Raising awareness of these vehicles and their benefits for our drivers and the environment will increase the zero-emission turbo revolution.” Did the turbocharger say that?

What do they think of them?

According to a survey by YouGov commissioned by Nissan, a third of drivers in the UK are more likely to buy electric vehicles because of the green signs.

55% of people did not know that low-pollution areas are kept in cities across the country.

81% of respondents were aware of the environmental benefits of driving an electric vehicle, and 53% were unaware of the potential economic benefits such as basic medications, congestion in some locations, charging and parking.

The survey showed great enthusiasm for electric cars in London, and 50% of respondents said they were more likely to buy an electric car if it was easier to get to the city center.

Andrew Hammerston, CEO of Nissan Motor GB, told KAR: “Electric cars are considered expensive. We are trying to show that this is not the case. People have to consider all the costs, financial benefits and benefits of real estate like these green cards. ”

But the project was rejected?

The idea came from 1.5 and 1.5 billion packages for the promotion of electric vehicles, and the first study examined three different ways of labeling electric plates:

Sounds relatively low green – otherwise the license plate will be the same as all other license plates.

Is this the right way to promote ownership of electric vehicles and does it aim to enable electric bus lanes to provide overall benefits for transport and the environment? Tell us about it in the comments below.